What Happens When you Quit Smoking and Start Vaping – part 2

For me one of the main factors of switching to vaping was my wheeze. When lying in bed before I fell asleep I would have a loud wheeze that keep me up. It would make my heart and mind race thinking that this was a precursor to cancer and the like. This also concerned my girlfriend – very much.

She would tell me I should cut down and make jokes about me being a smoker, etc. My smokers wheeze was gone in about 4 days.

The Vape Cough

When I was smoking and vaping at the same time I got a mean smokers cough. It was launder and stronger than my normal smokers cough. It was rough, this lasted the entire time I was transitioning to vaping.

Once I was mainly vaping this disappeared. I would say this took about 4 days to a week. This was me being a ‘hard-core and old school’ smoker. I’m sure if you tried to use a little bit of will power you could do it in about …