What Happens When you Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

People always ask me what happens when you quit smoking and start vaping. Let me break it down for you so it’s easy to understand. I am not a doctor, just a guy who switched from smoking a pack a day of cigarettes to none at all in a matter of weeks.

The First Time You Vape

When I got my vape and the vape store guy showed me how to use it I couldn’t believe the pull of the vape. The vaporizer produces more ‘smoke’ then I could ever deal with. I had never been able to smoke myself out – and I did a number of times with my vape.

I also thought that my ideal flavors for e-juice would be coffee and tobacco. I was just trying to find a drop-in replacement for cigarettes. In time I would come to understand that this is very wrong. But it’s what I started with.

I also read on the internet that you should start with 3mg of nicotine as you can make yourself …

Choosing the Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are new devices that help immunize the human body against the actual dangers and harms of smoking. These clever things allow a safe level of nicotine in the body so you never have to crave to smoke cigarettes. They have the same designs as those regular cigarettes but are less damaging. Unlike actual cigarettes, they do not create an inflow of chemicals and burned tobacco in the lungs. There are many electronic cigarette brands in the market today and they have different features and attributes.

Electronic Cigarette are designed to let the safe levels of nicotine which help restrain the dangerous addiction of a person to cigarette nicotine. You can find a lot of reliable e-cigarettes sharing the same technology. However, these are healing measures for dangerous smoking habits and have to be effective or else the use of the device can aggravate the addiction to cigarette smoking. Therefore it is very important to choose the best brand instead of being impulsive in buying. As said, there are various bands in …

What Happens When you Quit Smoking and Start Vaping – part 2

For me one of the main factors of switching to vaping was my wheeze. When lying in bed before I fell asleep I would have a loud wheeze that keep me up. It would make my heart and mind race thinking that this was a precursor to cancer and the like. This also concerned my girlfriend – very much.

She would tell me I should cut down and make jokes about me being a smoker, etc. My smokers wheeze was gone in about 4 days.

The Vape Cough

When I was smoking and vaping at the same time I got a mean smokers cough. It was launder and stronger than my normal smokers cough. It was rough, this lasted the entire time I was transitioning to vaping.

Once I was mainly vaping this disappeared. I would say this took about 4 days to a week. This was me being a ‘hard-core and old school’ smoker. I’m sure if you tried to use a little bit of will power you could do it in about …