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What Happens When you Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

People always ask me what happens when you quit smoking and start vaping. Let me break it down for you so it’s easy to understand. I am not a doctor, just a guy who switched from smoking a pack a day of cigarettes to none at all in a matter of weeks.

The First Time You Vape

When I got my vape and the vape store guy showed me how to use it I couldn’t believe the pull of the vape. The vaporizer produces more ‘smoke’ then I could ever deal with. I had never been able to smoke myself out – and I did a number of times with my vape.

I also thought that my ideal flavors for e-juice would be coffee and tobacco. I was just trying to find a drop-in replacement for cigarettes. In time I would come to understand that this is very wrong. But it’s what I started with.

I also read on the internet that you should start with 3mg of nicotine as you can make yourself sick. I found this to not be true and made me vape 100% of the time all the time. Instead of buying the nicotine drops to bump up the nicotine levels in the lower level vape juice (that actually made me sick one weekend) is to just buy the 6mg vape juice. This was the sweet spot for me.

The First Few Days

In this time you will be vaping pretty much nonstop. You will notice there is no smell so you will be vaping in your house / apartment, in your car and of course around your non-smoker friends. You will do it because it’s not as bad as smoking and no one will be able to tell. You will also notice that your anti-smoker ‘Nazi’ friends will have less hate for vaping vs smoking. Mine did and was actually happy that I was making honest and reliable changes to quit smoking.


Nicotine intake feels different so you will vape more also. When you are starting out I found I would ‘replace’ single cigarettes with it. If I had 5 cigarettes when I got home from work and chilled out I would start with vaping for one of them. If I was going to smoke 5 more before I went to bed (in my end of day get ready for bed tradition). I would vape for 1 of them. Gradually I would increase this number.

After a few days you will notice that the feeling of killing for a cigarette is way less. When you want nicotine you want just that – not the tar and other chemicals they put in cigarettes. You will still vape a lot but you won’t need to kill people to get it.  Your hulk rage of needing cigarettes will be way lower.